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Diabetes and Anaesthesia

We require you to fast before your anaesthetic and this may require some changes to your diabetic medication.

Most importantly, we do not want you to have low blood sugar.


Below is some general advice on managing your medications. We also realise that you probably understand your own diabetes very well and we are very happy for you to manage the issues yourself.


However, if your diabetes is difficult to manage or you have any questions, please contact our rooms and your Specialist Anaesthetist will work out a plan with you.

The day(s) before surgery

Take your medications/insulin as normal with the exception of the following.


In most cases these medications should be stopped 3 days prior to your procedure:

  • DAPAGLIFLOZIN (Forxiga, Xigduo)
  • EMPAGLIFLOZIN (Jardiance, Jardiamet)
  • GLYXAMBI (+linagliptin)


Other diabetes tablets should be taken normally until the day of the surgery.

On the day of surgery

We don’t mind a slightly raised blood sugar, but we really don’t want a very low blood sugar.


Do not take any of your diabetic tablets, but bring them with you to the hospital to take after your procedure.


For a morning procedure, omit your insulin and bring it with you to take after your procedure.

For an afternoon procedure, you will be allowed an early breakfast. You can take a half dose of insulin.


If you have an insulin pump, you are encouraged to manage this yourself, as you are the best person to understand your own diabetes.


Remember, you can have clear sugar drinks (e.g. apple juice) prior to your hospital admission, as per our fasting instructions, if you feel your blood sugar is too low.