Everything you need to know about how anaesthetic fees are charged.

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Fees for Anaesthesia

**Every effort will be made to provide an accurate estimate; however, there are variable factors that may cause a change to the final fee.

A change to the procedure or extra time taken to perform the surgery may mean an additional charge.

A change of anaesthetist due to unforeseen circumstances (illness etc) may result in a different account being issued.

Who will be my anaesthetist?

In most cases your surgeon will inform you who your Anaesthetist will be and a quote can be issued based on the information we receive about your procedure. Sometimes the surgeon may be unsure, but should be able to tell you if Advanced Anaesthetics Adelaide is providing, or expected to provide the anaesthetic service.


Anaesthetic rebates are set by Medicare or your private health fund. For self-funded patients, pre-paid accounts and out of pocket expenses each anaesthetist sets their own individual rates, and we can provide estimates based on the various fee structures, so that you are informed prior to your procedure of the likely cost.


A quote for a procedure is only valid from the Anaesthetist who has provided that estimate.

On occasions, there may be a change of anaesthetist at short notice due to unforeseen circumstances. Every effort will be made to advise you of such a change, and the revised fee, if applicable.

What will it cost?

Admission to hospital may involve services from a number of different providers, which may include the hospital, surgeon, anaesthetist, radiology, pathology, physiotherapy and pharmacy. These service providers bill separately.


It is important to realise that the total “out of pocket expense” for all these bills can vary to a large degree, and on occasions can be significantly expensive. You are advised to obtain as much information as you feel you need about these bills before you decide to go ahead with your procedure.


Private health insurance may pay your account in full, but sometimes there may also be an upfront payment or an out of pocket expense or even the full account, depending on health fund, procedure and anaesthetist.


An “out of pocket” gap may be charged but this will vary between anaesthetists and type and length of procedure and we will issue a quote as soon as we have all relevant information from your surgeon.


A quote should be obtained from all relevant medical providers relating to your procedure.

A phone call to the friendly staff at Advanced Anaesthetics Adelaide will provide you with information on fees/gaps for the anaesthetic for your upcoming procedure.


Goods and Services Tax (GST):

10% GST is added to fees for procedures that are not medically indicated, e.g. Cosmetic Surgery.

Medicare and health insurance claims


All medical procedures listed in the Medicare Benefits Schedule will attract a Medicare rebate to those patients who hold a Medicare card.

The rebate for inpatient procedures from Medicare is 75% of the amount listed in this Schedule (Schedule fee). Health Insurance Fund rebates will cover the other 25% of the scheduled fee, BUT only if you are treated in a recognised hospital or a registered Day Procedure Centre.


Fees are often higher than the Medicare Schedule fee. There is also an agreement in place with most funds for many procedures, which are paid at a higher rate (over and above the schedule fee) if the account is billed directly to the health fund, usually online, with no or minimal out of pocket expenses for a patient.


OUTPATIENT (not in hospital):

Procedures performed out of hospital (e.g. at a dental surgery) may cost you more, as Health Insurance does not cover Specialist Anaesthetic fees in these other locations.


However, you may be eligible for a Medicare rebate for anaesthetic services provided out of hospital.

What if I am uninsured or self-funded?

If you are uninsured/self-funded, you will generally have a gap or out of pocket expense to pay before claiming the Medicare rebate (if applicable).


All uninsured/self-funded or cosmetic patients are asked to pay this gap at least two working days prior to the procedure taking place.


If you are uninsured/self-funded, our rooms have the ability to send your fully paid account online to medicare on your behalf with your permission.


Patient rebates are received a lot quicker this way. Please advise us if you would like us send your claim to Medicare on your behalf.

Information needed to quote for your procedure

You must have a booking with a Surgeon who operates with Advanced Anaesthetics Adelaide on the day your procedure is taking place.

Ask your Surgeon to help complete the details listed below so you can obtain a quote for your anaesthesia.


  • Your personal details: name, address, contact number, date of birth, health fund
  • Date of surgery
  • Location/ hospital where procedure will be performed
  • Surgeon/ Doctor performing the procedure
  • Type of procedure (available from the surgeon’s rooms)
  • Whether the procedure is medical or cosmetic
  • Expected length of time procedure will take (available from the surgeon’s rooms)


A quotation from your anaesthetist should be received before your procedure is scheduled.

All that is needed is to contact our office with your details via one of the following: