Everything you need to know to prepare for your procedure or operation.

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The articles here provide information which may help you prepare for your anaesthetic or answer some of your questions.


Patient information provided is of a general nature and relates to some common procedures. The information is to be used as a guide only, as individual cases and conditions can vary greatly. Once your procedure is booked with one of our anaesthetists they will be able to more accurately answer your individual concerns or questions.

It is important to be assessed and prepared before you receive any type of anaesthetic

Information about the risks associated with anaesthesia and sedation

Essential information regarding fasting methods before surgery

Important information for diabetics before having an operation

How to prepare for when your child has a procedure requiring anaesthesia

Additional information on Epidural, Spinal and Regional Anaesthesia

All you need to know before your joint replacement procedure

Read about the principles of anaesthesia for arthroscopic operations

Anaesthesia information for the different types of ENT surgeries

Anaesthesia techniques and how to prepare for your visit

Types of urology procedures and the anaesthetic techniques used

Information about what happens straight after your surgery

Advice on pain relief options after your operation

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